If you like learning about insects and bugs that are around us, then you will find this article to be very educating because we have made a short list of some very unusual insects and bugs that people rarely get to meet. There are a lot more of insects and bugs that you will never learn about, but we wanted to make that list shorter for you by introducing few of the most exotic and rare species. Some of these species can be found only in one small area and some of them are even endangered.

Of course, people are not hunting these insects, they are dying off because humans have entered their natural habitat and turned it into something completely different. One of the problems with these insects is that they can live only under certain conditions, and when those areas get filled with humans, we tend to destroy all of their homes. Then, after we realize the damage, we cannot do anything to save these insects and bugs because they cannot live anywhere else.


This is a very strange looking bug species that can be found in Europe. However, even if you are from Europe, there are high chances that you never seen or heard of this bug before in your life because they are quite rare and small. The main reason for their name is the fact that they are mostly eating ants. The reason why we say mostly because after they have reached full maturity, they change their diet plan completely from ants they go to eating flowers and leaves.

Giant Prickly Stick Bug

As you might guess from the name of this species of bugs have a really interesting and unusual body type that can be easily mistaken for a stick. Their body is covered with huge spikes all over, even on their legs. Those spikes are not only in appearance, they are sort of their defense mechanism from other potential predators. Of course, they don’t have to fear that much from predators because they are extremely good at camouflage. If you don’t know how this bug looks like, you will never be able to find it in the wild because it just blends with the background. This bug is quite long, just like a stick would be, and the movement is quite slow which allows him to stay camouflaged.

The Adversary’s Flower Mantis

You have most likely seen and heard about mantises because they can be found all over the world, but you never heard of this particular species of Mantis. This is one of the most beautiful Mantis species because it has a nice pink colored body. Interesting fact about them is that they are one of the biggest and the strongest species. The females can get up to a breathtaking size of 5 inches which is around 13 cm. they are really an interesting bug species and they have a very special way of killing their prey. They can be standing still without any movement for a very long time until the pray comes close to them.