Insects can be incredible creatures, full of life, colors, and amazing abilities. Considering their large population, they are simply everywhere and they inhabitant almost every part of our planet. They have managed to adapt to every living condition making our world unique with their biodiversity. Check out our list of insects and what makes them so amazing.

Sunset Moth from Madagascar

When you see the colors of this insect, you will be truly amazed. But, in fact, the wings of this moth don’t have any pigmentation, the color is created by the reflection of light from micro – ribbon in the wings. This moth is very active during the day, in comparison with other moths, which are more active during the night. It lives in Madagascar and South America, and they change the colors depending on the angle and the reflection.

Black Bulldog Ant of Australia

Black Bulldog Ant of Australia

Considering that you have encountered ants many times in your life, this is one ant that you don’t want to cross the path. It is the most dangerous of them all, and there have been some cases where this insect manages to kill the human. They are very aggressive, and their body size is up to 2 inches. As the name suggest, these ants are residents of Australia. Apart from being very aggressive, they are extremely fast.

Horse Fly

Horse Fly is one of the fastest insects on the Erath and the fastest speed recorded was 90mph. Besides being very quickly, this insect has great maneuvers and control in the air. It can quickly change directions. When catching a pray, they don’t rely only on speed, they now in advance their destination and what they will be doing. Their vision can cover the angle of 360 degrees, and they gave the biggest eyes among the insects.

Goliath Beetle

This bug is huge; it will cover almost the whole hand of the adult man. The first species of Goliath Beetle appeared 300 million years ago, and over the time they have managed to adapt to the environment and living conditions thoroughly. This bug can grow up to 5 inches. It plays an important part in our ecosystem, as a decompressor in nature.

Brevisana Brevis

Brevisana Brevis is a species of cicadas and can be heard from a long distance. It is astonishing how something so small can create such a noise. When you are close to this bug, the sound can reach up to 120 dB. The good comparison would be when you go out at night club; the music reaches up 100 dB. Now you can see, how powerful sound these insects can produce.

 Queen of Termites

The longest living insect is the queen of termites, scientists have discovered that this bug can live up to 50 years. Termites have been on earth for 200 million years. They eat dead wood and are known to cause more damage to homes than fire and water together. The queen can lay between 5.000 and 7.000 per day.