Most people when thinking about insects imagine them as little hairy creeps. However, not all insects are the same, and not all of them are nasty. Surprisingly, beautiful insects exist, and we need to thank mother nature for that. Look at our list and see if you agree with our choice.

Frog-legged leaf beetle

This neon specimen feature leg similar to frogs and has a metallic green color, sprinkled with gold and red flecks. Their longs legs give them excellent climbing abilities. These leaf beetles originate in Thailand and Malaysia.

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock ButterflyButterflies are often connected to beauty, and we hardly forget one beautiful specimen when we see it. If we are required to choose the most beautiful among them all, we would say it a peacock butterfly. Its name originates from Greek mythology, a character Io, who was a lover of Zeus himself. You can find this butterfly is European countries, such as Ireland, Britain, but also in Asian countries, including Japan.

 White-lined Moth

Considering its anatomy, White-lined Moth is often mistaken for the hummingbird. They have flying wings and have a similar way of feeding as hummingbirds. White-lined Moth lives in North and Central America. This type of moth feeds on a large number of plants. When you encounter them, you will notice vivid and beautiful colors. Their season is from February to November.

Australian Coastal Peacock Spider

In the recent years, a peacock spider has become an internet sensation. It has very characteristic colors, and it can be found in Perth. This spider has some serious dance moves, and they are the part of the love game to attract the females.

Jewel Caterpillar

Jewel CaterpillarThis is a very particular type of insect. Scientists still can’t determine what role plays the color, but they suspect it’s a defense mechanism, to avoid predators. The scientist did research, where they investigated the effect of the color. In this case, the predators were ants. They discovered that ants we temporally stuck when they tried to bite this caterpillar. The surprising fact, the researchers didn’t find the presence of a toxin. The most amazing thing is their transformation, from a crystal-clear larva, they go into a beautiful orange moth.

Glasswinged butterfly

The Italian Striped-BugThe most appealing characteristic of this butterfly is the transparent wings it possesses. It is quite large; the wings span is up to 6.1 cm. Due to the texture of the wings, you spot veins going through them. Their color ranges from a deep brown to orange and red. They are considered to be venomous because of the flowers they consume. This butterfly uses different pheromones to attract females. You can spot Glasswinged butterfly in Panama, Mexico, Columbia and Florida.

The Italian Striped-Bug

The whole-body surface of this bug is covered with red and black stripes, which makes it one of the most stylish on our list. It originates in Europe but also can be found in North Africa. Their length is between 0.31 and 0.47 inches. Their vivid color warns predator from attacks.