For a long time bees have been respected because they are able of producing the delicious honey. However, since recently we have also discovered many other interesting facts about the bees and the effect that they have on the environment. There isn’t an insect that is more interesting than the magnificent bee, and that is why we dedicate this article to bees. Here you will be able to learn many interesting facts about this amazing insect, and you will learn how to respect it and love it in a whole new way.

Why Are Bees So Fascinating?

bee-apisEven though they are closely related to both wasps and ants, they are the most thrilling insect which people find both useful and intelligent. They play a major role in pollination, and they can produce honey which is delicious. They also produce beeswax, which can be quite useful for many different things. There are almost 20,000 different species of bees, and they can be found on every continent apart from Antarctica. They have adapted their bodies so that they can survive eating on nectar and pollen. Bees range in size, and some smaller ones do not even have a sting. Bees are also kept by humans due to the fact of producing honey, a tradition which can be traced as far as to Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Bees also have an important role in works of literature and both mythology and folklore.

Pollen Is For Youngsters

Bees which collect pollen, usually do so to provide for their young. These amazingly social insects do everything they can to their society, which is amazing. Also, bees have better chances of passing on their genes if they help raise their sisters’ offspring, rather than produce their offspring. They can live solitary, but more frequently they live in communities. They have the cooperative care of their offspring, and the division of labor make it easier for the bee to know their place in the society. Eusocial is a group consisted of mother bee and her daughters, which are worker bees. There is no difference in their size or appearance, but they only differ to their role in society.

These and many other reasons have made the bees precious for our environment and life on earth. The amazing insects are more than respected by humans due to their abilities to produce honey and beeswax, create an organized society and of course keep an active role in the environment during all this time. Bees have therefore been used in folklore as a symbol of a positive and active role in society, to describe hard-working people and people who are ready to contribute to the society in general. Their divine honey is used in every household, but also some animals feast on it as well as humans. The beekeeping is a lucrative activity that can help you become a successful entrepreneur and build your own business using these incredible, hard-working insects.