We all love to see a butterfly flying in nature, and they are one of the most beautiful insects in the World. Every one of them is different, and the colors on their wings can be so mesmerizing. The colors of wings are used to attract opposite sex. Today there are more than 250 000 different spices. This is why so many people are interested in them. We will bring you a list of most beautiful butterflies in the World.

Number one- Blue morpho

Blue morpho is not only the most beautiful, but he is one of the largest butterflies in the World. You can only come across them in South America, Central America, and Mexico. This is a tropical insect recognized for blue wings which are used to scare predators. The life cycle of blue morpho lasts only 115 days. This species is fed from the juices from fruits like mango, kiwi and many others. It is not easy to come across this butterfly, most of the time they are hiding in the tropical forests, but you can see them when the mating season is happening.

Number two- Sapholongwing

The one more butterfly with blue and black wings, but this one also has a splash of white color. You can find this one in Costa Rica and the rainforests in Belize. Interesting fact about them is that they only mate in one plant named Passion Vine. This is why this species is not so common, and in danger to be extinct.

Number three- The Monarch

The Monarch is known as a butterfly that can fly long distance. The colors that dominate on his wings are orange, black and white. You can find the Monarch in the USA and Central America, where they migrate in the winter. It is believed that there are around 33 million butterflies of this species left in the World. They are fed with the nectar from the plants.

Number four- Crowned Hairstreak

The female Crowned Hairstreak is one of the most beautiful and colorful species of butterflies. The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. Today they are very rare and can be found from Mexico to Ecuador.

Number five- Peacock Pansy

These butterflies are known for a spot on their wings which looks like an eye. They can be found only in Asia. Peacock Pansy has orange and yellow wings with black, white and blue spots. They can be found in parks, gardens and open areas.This butterfly is not common as it used to be. You could find him in company with Blue Pansy, but not as much today because of the use of insecticides.

Number six- Eighty-Eight butterfly

The name comes from the spots on the wings which resembles the number 88. They are located in the South and Central America in the tropical forests. The few of them are also spotted in Texas. They use tropical plants as food. Colors which are dominating on their wings are white, black and red.