The world as we know it is pretty strange and its filled with almost magical things and places. With such a vast world we still have many places that have not been fully explored as there are thousands of microorganisms, fish, bugs and many other creatures that live in certain places which we don’t know of. However, from all the bugs we do know of, there are some that are monstrous in size compared to the usual bugs that are just an inch or centimeter big. Because there are so many we will share with you some of the biggest bugs in the world in no particular order.

1) Acteon beetle

The larva of the action beetle is big enough to fit into both of our hands. Also known as Megasoma Actaeon can reach 2.5 inches in width and 4.8 inches in length. These bugs are big but they are no threat to humans as they are not aggressive. In fact, these are some of the gentler bugs on the market.

2) the Goliath beetles

Found in the tropical forests in most of Africa, they are considered one of the biggest and heaviest bugs in the world. Weighing at 4 ounces in their larval stage they are some of the heaviest larvae in the world. They are known for spending most of their time in their pre-adulthood as once they reach adulthood they only get to mate and die. The length of their adult lifespan is usually between 2-4 months and that is if they don’t get hunted by birds or other animals that eat them.

3) Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

These beautiful butterflies are the biggest in the world and the females are more popular than the males as they have a larger wingspan that can reach up to 10 inches, and their color is usually more vibrant. These beautiful butterflies have found themselves on the endangered list due to many collectors buying them and selling them in both their live forms and in their display cases in their dead forms.

4) Atlas moth

The atlas moth has a wingspan that is between 9-10 inches and with a tittle as the holder of the world, the atlas moth is one of the most beautiful moths that scares many people when they see him flying. This beautiful bug is not so scary, in fact, it will never attack humans as it usually is just dormant during the day. In India, these moths are cultivated for their silk so the use of these moths also extends to some of our most valuable resources.

5) The stick insects

The Phryganistria Chinensis Zhao is a stick insect that can be 62.4 cm (24.6 in) which takes our top spot in the biggest bugs list. This newest species was discovered in China in 2016 and it got its name from the man who discovered it Zhao Li. The insect has a natural camouflage as it looks like a tree branch, for this reason, the insect still remains one of the hardest to spot in nature with potentially larger insects in this species just waiting to be found.