When talking about insects, most diverse and beautiful species may be found as butterflies. From smallest to the largest ones, they are so fascinating in wide varieties of patterns and colors. Beside significant visual effect, they are important indicators of a healthy ecosystem. According to all these facts, it is very hard to isolate most beautiful ones, but these will sure leave an impression on anyone.

Dead leaf butterfly

Amazing not just with its brilliant colors which include beautiful shades of blue, brown, white and orange on upperpart but also famous but an outstanding capability of animal camouflage with its underpart colors. Underparts consist brown and dark color which allows them to settle in a place for a longer time because then they look like a fallen, dead leaf. Successfully hidden from potential predators they are in no need for too much flying. Native all across tropical forests of Asia.

Zebra longwing butterfly

May be found along South and Central America with a typical covering of black and yellow stripes on their wings looking like zebra stripes. Underpart of the wings is much lighter than the upperpart with the same pattern. These are only butterflies that eat pollen for which is believed why they live longer than other species. When threatened they make specific creaking sounds.

Blue morpho butterfly

Mainly found in tropical forests of South and Central America, recognized by their significant vivid blue colored wings and black edges. Males are colored with even more brighter and beautiful pattern. Underpart is more unnoticeable with its brown color and outnumbering eyespots which allows them to hide form potential predators like birds, lizards, and frogs. When threatened it is known they release a strong smell, but it is not easy to meet them as they spend most of their time in lower shrubs eating rotting fruits, fungi and leaves.

Eighty-eight butterfly

Mainly fed on rotten fruits may be found resting on rocks or mineral rich soils. They are also usual to be found in human habitats in small and large groups. Most significant about them is their underwing pattern consisted of black and white stripes which make bright and clear number eighty-eight in the center of the wing. Upperpart is colored by black, blue and green which pattern they may vary in thickness and brightness.

Sylphina angel butterfly

Habitant of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru territory spending most of their time under leaves and plants flying only in time of full sunlight. Usually, live in solitude, but it is not exclusive to find them under plants in groups. Most attractive part of this species is its tail which reflects green, blue and pink colors. Underpart of the wings is transparent lined by black from upperpart wing.

Forest giant owl butterfly

Looking at huge owl looking eyes so brightly imprinted on their underpart of the wing gives you a clue about their name source. These eyes look like eyes of many predators which helps them escape from lizards, frogs, and other threats. Found in South and Central America while making short flying over agriculture fields at evenings looking for some fruit.