What distinguishes grasshoppers from crickets? Learn more about amazing insects and read all about both crickets and grasshoppers right here! We have all the information you have been looking for, as well as interesting facts about insects and more particularly in this article we will teach you all you need to know about crickets and grasshoppers, and you will never be confused by those two terms ever again!

So Which One Is It?

grasshopper 1The reason why people often confuse crickets with grasshoppers is that this two types of insects are in fact related. In fact, they belong to the same order of insects, but they have a different suborder.

Learn More About Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers belong to the class of insects, in the order of Orthoptera, in the suborder of Caelifera. They have long antennae, and they can be traced 250 million years ago, which makes them probably the oldest living group of herbivorous insects. Usually, they live on the ground, and they have powerful back legs, which allow them to escape any predators by leaping. They usually eat plants, but they can also pest cereals, vegetables, and they are also known to destroy crops over wide areas. They can also easily camouflaged themselves to deceive and avoid predators. They also use numerous other tactics to deter predators.They are not just affected by predators, but also by parasites, and diseases. Their eggs are usually the main target of attack for many predators and parasites. In history, they are also known as serious pests, whereas in some countries they are used in cuisine, for example in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia people gladly eat grasshoppers and find it a delicacy.

Interesting Facts About Crickets

Grasshoppers belong to the class of insects, in the order of Orthoptera, in the suborder of Ensifera.


They are also known as Gryllidae, and they related to bush cricket. They are also related to grasshoppers. Mainly they have cylindrical shaped bodies with round heads and long antennae. They also have a pair of spikes on their abdomen and females have a long cylindrical ovipositor. Just like grasshoppers, they use their back legs to provide power for jumping. The front wings are almost leathery with the wing covers, and they produce the chirping sound by rubbing these parts together. Precisely this is what they are most known for. The reason why cricket is active during the night is that they are nocturnal insects and they are best known for trying to woo the females with their song during the night. They also have a good hearing by using their ear drums on the front legs. Crickets have frequently been used in literature, and some parts of the world crickets are even kept as pets. They are also used in Southeast Asian cuisine where they are sold as snacks. In some cultures, they are also considered omens of future events.