Most people think that majority of bugs are bad, but in fact, they play a significant role in our world and have various uses for us. In this article, we are going to explain how exactly they are good for us and what is their purpose.

Insects provide us useful products

Honey – the insects which produce honey are honey bees, and they are kept in special conditions by beekeepers. In some countries, beekeepers collect honey from wild bees. Honey and wax are natural ingredients that have a positive effect on our body and our health.

 jewelry bugs Silk – this is probably one of the most used material in the world and silk warm makes it. Silkworm is not a warm, but it’s a moth. There are specially designed farms which breed silk worms and feed them with mulberry trees. They make spins of one long thread of silk. People use these cocoons to harvest and produce silk.

Jewelry – as the name states, the jewelry bugs are used for necklaces and bracelets. They have beautiful wings and vivid colors, and many artists use them to create art.

Insects are used for gardening


Farmers need insects because, without insects, many people won’t be able to produce fruits. The insects are a key ingredient to pollinate the crops. For example, bees, wasps, butterflies visit flowers to collect honey. In that process, they pick up pollen and transfer it from one plant to another. In this way, insects cross – pollinate each plant, which will later produce fruits.

Biological control – there are many insects which will help the farmers eliminate and control the pests. For example, Assassin bugs are predators who use caterpillars for food. If you have troubles with caterpillars that are destroying your crops, you will be happy to see assassin bugs, which are natural enemies to caterpillars. This process is called biological control. Also, many different types of wasps feed on small insects with represent danger for your corps.

Insects help to recycle biomass

A large number of insects live as scavengers, by feeding on dead animals, while other feed on dead plants. This is one of the ways to recycle biomass in nature. Once insects dissolve dead animals and plants, they create fertilizer, which will cover the top layer of the ground. New plants and trees will quickly grow. Insects which improve this process are ants, termites, flies, and cockroaches.

Insects are kept as pets

Some people love bugs so much that they keep them as pets. For instance, in some countries, crickets are kept in small cages because people like the sound they produce. Other insects popular among people are stick insects and leaf insects. Beetles are also good pets, especially because of their large size, for example, Goliath beetle and Rhinoceros beetle. Unfortunately, in some countries, people use beetles to organize fight and bet money on them. These fights aren’t such a noble cause of keeping the bugs as pets, considering they prolong our life on this planet.