Many people are afraid of insects, some of us consider them creepy and hideous. But, despite their appearance, some of the insects have incredible abilities, which will outshine other animals and even us, humans. Their small size and limited brain functions hide the solution for some of the greatest problems humankind wasn’t able to solve. We are going to show you want’s so special about them and get you familiar with their superpowers.


People are often repulsed by these insects, considering them grows and ugly, but on the contrary to popular belief, these insects are one of the most powerful among all of them. What you probably don’t know is that cockroaches are a critical part of the medical research. Their brain contains nine antibiotic molecules that protect them from deadly bacteria. It contains the strongest antibiotic even ever known to the human world. If we manage to use that antibiotic, we will be able to cure lethal infections such as AIDS and E. coli. Besides this, the cockroaches are highly resistant to radiation; they were the only thing that survived the explosion of a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


BeesBees are one of the most intelligent insects; they have their way of communicating and navigating through space. Despite having their eyesight limited. They have developed their dance, which tells other bees where food is located. Furthermore, they have advanced that dance in such a way that they know that the Earth is round. The shape of Earth is an important factor when they are learning about a new location. By using this dance, they can calculate angles quickly. They can remember visual landmarks, using the position of the sun and electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth.


If you are searching one of the most experienced pilots in the insect world, look no more because you have found it. These small insects that most people consider pests can fly long distances without using too much energy. Scientists have been studying them for many years now, and they draw a conclusion that they don’t produce a lot of trusts and lift, but still can make a steady flight rate. The bad weather, wind or temperature don’t have wanted to ever effect on them. Locusts can travel fast, without spending energy. They can go up to 60 miles per one day.


The individual ability to produce their light is remarkable and unique in the animal world. As a child, you have probably experienced the magical effect that fireflies gave you and catching them must be one of your precious memories from the childhood. They are natural recourses of energy, and their body is designed to release 100% of energy during the day. If we compare it to a lightbulb, 10% goes to a production of light and 90% becomes wasted heat energy. Fireflies use light to communicate with each other and to notify each other when is the mating and how is single.