There are many insects around our home, and in most cases, we aren’t aware of them. They are unusually peaceful, and you won’t suffer any consequences, and some of them are even beneficial, they will eat insects that can make you damage. Loot at our lists of most popular insects in your households and get familiar with your “roommates.”

Book louse

Book lice are one of the most popular insects, and they can be found in many habitats. Most common places are other animal nests and individual houses. Even though they are considered to be parasites, they don’t feed on blood and skin, but on dead insects, molds and they keep food in other organic materials. They are very tiny, and you can easily spot them, book lice have a very developed hiding mechanism.

Camel cricket

Caramel crickets can often be found in basements and in secluded and wet space where they feed on organic material. They have long antennae which help them go through dark quickly, while their long legs allow them to jump long distances. Even though they might look scary, they are pretty harmless. This bug is widespread in American homes, and it won’t make you any damage in your home.

Carpet beetle larva

Carpet beetle larva is a small insect that can be found in carpets and other wool materials. Its whole body is covered with hair, and it is specially modified when dealing with predators, clogging up the mouths when attacked. Carpet beetle larva isn’t dangerous nor aggressive insect, but if your house is full of wool materials, maybe you should do something about it.

Cellar spider

Cellar spider is the most famous home resident; they are sometimes called daddy – longlegs. You can easily spot them, but having long thin legs and residing in webs, they usually live in basements, but they can crawl in other rooms of your house. Cellar spiders usually feed on small insects they catch in their webs, but they are also known to invade the nests of other spiders and eat them. Cellar spider is domesticated insects, and they are harmless.

Cobweb spiders

Cobweb spidersCobweb spiders are current residents of many households in America. You can notice them but the irregular web they create which sometimes stretches to the ground. This is one of the ways they use to catch prey when an insect comes in contact with the web; spider uses those parts to pull them up and eat them.

Little black ants

Little black ants can be very invasive, but they are always harmless. You can find them in the places where there are food and water, usually in kitchens. They are known to form long lines, to deliver the food to the nest.

Moth fly

Moth flies are very similar to small moths, but in fact, they are flies. They live in pipes and drains and feed on organic materials that build up inside. You can usually find them in bathrooms. Moth flies aren’t dangerous, and they won’t bite you.