There is a general rule in nature that animals won’t attack you unless they are hungry and consider you as food. The same thing goes for bugs. Bugs will never attack humans or bite humans. This thing happens only when they are pressed, or you do something that can irritate them. If they feel that they are in danger, they will defend themselves. Humans area is too big for them, and usually, they will be intimidated by us. But, when they have nowhere to go, they will bite or attack. This article will be about bugs which are dangerous to humans if you are bitten. They don’t have to be dangerous because when you apply the antidote, or you go to the nearest hospital, you will be just fine. This is the situation when you are in locations where you don’t have antidotes or hospitals.


When we talk about spiders, we usually think about those who are dangerous to humans. Most of them are not venomous, and when bitten, they will usually leave a mark, or the place will be swollen for some time. But if you are allergic to these bites, then you might have a shock which can be fatal. It is important to stay away from places that can be populated with these species. Spiders such as Black Widow can kill people very fast if bitten. There are also some species of Tarantulas that can also kill you if bitten. The important thing is to never go to these places without proper doses of antidote.


Scorpions are also dangerous if stung. They don’t have to kill you if they just want to send you a warning. But if they think that their life is in danger, you are going for a big surprise. Keep in mind that scorpions won’t attack in plain sight. You need to touch them or press them, to get the reaction. Again, they are just defending themselves. They won’t attack anything that is way bigger than them. It is also important to understand that.


You can find them in your yard. But these species are not dangerous. However, some species can bite, or they can release some toxins from their bodies if, again, they feel threatened. The most important thing is to know that once you hit the ground or you show your presence, they will run away. You can find some species all around the world to be the dangerous ones. They are usually very huge and their venom is really dangerous.

Flying insects

Hornets, wasps, bees, and bugs of that kind can be dangerous for humans. If you are stung by a Hornet or wasp, or even a bee, you won’t be killed. The situation is dangerous when a bunch of them starts stinging. In those situations, your body starts to defend and you start having an allergic reaction which can be fatal. You can be saved, but you need to have an antidote or a hospital.