You might think that all bugs are dangerous. This statement is not true. They might look ugly, but usually, they are not dangerous. For example, a bite or a sting from these bugs won’t cause you any harm. Each animal has the right to defend themselves, so you need to respect that right. Keep in mind that animals and for that matter bugs will never attack human s unless provoked. Now that we know that we are the culprit, we will start telling you about some species of bugs that can bite or sting, but they can’t kill you unless some specific situations might occur.


It all depends which specimen bites you. Most spiders won’t kill you, and their bite will only cause swelling. There is a situation when an allergic reaction occurs. You need to understand that you are killed by the reaction, not by the spider. Smaller spiders tend to be less dangerous, but this isn’t the rule.


Mosquitoes are bugs that can give you a headache. They don’t kill with venom and stuff like that, but they can give you Malaria. Not all mosquitoes carry this virus so only species that are known to carry the virus will transfer it. Keep in mind that their larva needs blood to develop into a proper adult. Male mosquitos don’t suck blood since they guard eggs near the swamps. Only female mosquitos go hunting for blood. The worst thing that can happen is that you will have a swelling in the region of the bite. Of course, if you are not allergic (and most people aren’t) you will only receive an itching witch will itch even more if you scratch it. The cure is to remove the saliva from the region that it is bitten. Once you remove the saliva, you will see that the itch will start to decrease. If you don’t like to squeeze the saliva out of the region, you can apply some cream for these stings, and you will have the same effect.


Bees are not dangerous if you don’t irritate them. Bees can smell fear. When you are stung by a bee, you will probably have swelling, and it will hurt. If you are not allergic to bees, a simple cold spoon will do the trick. It is amazing. If you don’t have anything at your disposal, use a metal spoon that is cold and put it in your bitten area. You will see that the pain will start to decrease a little. If the bee stings you, it will die. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it will die because the bee can’t remove the sting from your body. The insides will burst and it will die.They will usually attack if they think that their hive is in danger. As you can see, it is a sacrifice to defend the nest. Bees also give us honey so we should respect them.