If you want to find out the benefits of insects, you need to study them carefully. Many people will do anything to destroy the insects, only to learn later that bugs they killed were not only harmless but also excellent for their crops and the garden. If there weren’t insects on our plants, we wouldn’t be able to grow anything because they play a significant role in our ecosystem. Below you can learn more about the benefits of insect before you decide to destroy them.

Increased the production

By pollinating the fruits, vegetables they can significantly increase the production. Many of these plans require insects to carry their pollen so they can grow the fruits. In this case, many plants which live in the greenhouse and outside are pollinated by insects; they allow them to have beautiful flowers.

Predator insects

Parasitic insects can destroy other insects which can cause harm to your crops and plants. They usually live on their bodies and in their eggs. These types of insects act as predators, by capturing and eating other insects.

Predator insectsDestruction is one of their forms

They can quickly destroy weeds in your crops, but be aware, some of them can be so invasive, in such way that they can destroy your crops as well.

Insects improve physical condition of the soil

One of the essential functions of the insects is that they improve the physical state of the land. They can go through the top layer of the ground, and the dead bodies of the insects can serve as great fertilizer. The can also dissolve the dead bodies of the animals and plants.

The insects have developed strange survival techniques, and one of the ways to keep our planet from over population is that insects fight between each other. Usually, bigger insects devour smaller insects and keeping the balance in the world.

How to attract beneficial insects?How to attract beneficial insects?

By having beneficial insects in your garden, you won’t need to use significant amounts of pesticides. You just need to learn which insects will have a beneficial effect on your crops and plants. Nectar and pollen are the two things that will attract the insects the most. If you grow plants which have these two features, you will have your garden full of beneficial and harmless insects. Nectar and pollen will be the source of food for them and bugs will keep coming.

Your garden should have plants that are different heights, so various types of insects can approach them. Also, select different kinds of weeds, this will attract beneficial insects to visit your garden. As you can notice there are many ways to attract good insects and keep your garden pesticide free.