What species scare you the most? Our world is full of dangerous creatures, and we aren’t even aware of them. Most people wild animals are the most dangerous, but you are wrong. Many insects can cause death casualties if the bite isn’t treated properly. Check our list of the deadliest insects in the world and learn how to stay safe.


They are the most dangerous insects on Earth. Mosquitos are responsible for 1 million of death every year. They transmit the fatal disease malaria. Mosquitos carry malaria from one place to another, and once they reach the blood of the victim, they insert it inside. The World Health Organization estimates that every 30 seconds one child dies due to malaria. This is a blood-transmitted disease, and you won’t be affected by the contact with the sick person.

Driver Ants

Driver ants are the largest colonies of insects in the world. Each colony has more than 22 million members. Even elephants run when they encounter drive ants. They can kill thousands of animals in one single raid. Driver ant can make serious injury using their sharp mandibles. They often raid nests of other insects for food, and in that process, they kill them.

Killer Bees

Killer bees are one of the most dominant and aggressive insects in the world. They originate from Africa, and killer bee can kill a victim for more than a mile. In most cases, they attack as a group, by making repetitive stings. These insects mainly target eyes and the face of humans. Their venom is not dangerous, but if you get stuck with dozens of killer bees, they can cause death. Killer bees live in large colonies, which contain more than 80,000 members.

Tsetse Flies

Tsetse flies are the most dangerous biting insects in Africa. They insert potent venom with each sting. Based on some research, half a million people die in Africa, due to a bite of Tsetse flies. The initial stage, when they inject the venom, the victim suffers from a sleeping illness. If this condition isn’t treated right, it can have deadly consequences.

Giant Japanese Hornet

Giant Japanese HornetJapanese hornet is the largest specimen of hornet in the world. They can grow up to 2 inches. Every year, 40 deaths are reported due to a sting of this hornet. Its venom is potent; it can cause an allergic reaction and dissolve a tissue in a short time. And the repeated stinging can cause death. They are very aggressive in nature, and one colony counts up to 700 members. This type of hornet can kill 40 bees in a minute.

Kissing Bug

Kissing bugs feed on the blood of vertebrates. They got their name by kissing the mouths of humans while they sleep. During this process, they transmit parasites, and every year 12,000 die due to this insect. When you are affected by this bug, you will notice rashes and welts. Make use to visit the doctor right away.