War 14/18: the fabulous house-museum of the couple Giudice

Balma (France) (AFP) - Behind the banal appearance of a pavilion in the Toulouse suburbs, the villa of the couple Giudice hides a fabulous collection of objects from the Great War, a veritable private museum "which tells a human story" .

"When I was 5, I didn't play with dolls but with weapons," says Chantal Giudice, with a broad smile.Her older brother, a collector of military uniforms, had inoculated her with the virus ...she then transmitted it to her husband Serge.

For more than twenty years, Chantal, 56, and Serge Giudice, 66, have devoted all their leisure time, weekends and holidays, to tracking down objects from "(the) trench craftsmanship": "Objects often made from shell casings ", explains Serge.

"As soon as we got to know each other, in 1993, we went to flea markets, empty attics, arms exchanges and, in 1999, we had space.That's where it took a lot.'magnitude ", underlines Chantal.

In front of one of his windows, filled with shiny brass lighters, Serge, now retired after a career as financial director, traces the origin of the craftsmanship of the hairy."Stuck in the trenches by a war of position, the soldiers began to fashion objects to kill time."

Their little Balma pavilion, has over the years transformed into a museum with five, then ten and today more than twenty showcases that cover the walls of the living room and a small adjoining room that they call " the museum".

The family home has become a "Great War" mausoleum with more than 5,000 objects.

In addition to the embossed metal shells and all the craftsmanship of the trenches, some display cases present earthenware, plates or dishes bearing the effigy of the main warlords, or even German tipped helmets.

Posted Date: 2021-03-30

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