Resident Evil Village - This expensive collector's edition includes Chris Redfield's coat

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Capcom has finally shared more details about Resident Evil Village in a recent stream, and in the new trailer, not only did we check out the gameplay, but we also got a new look at the village, which will be incredibly icy.That's right, Chris Redfield has always been seen in a thick coat, so if you're a fan of these clothes and liked the one the character wears, there's good news, as Capcom will be releasing an edition that will include a replica, but the problem is that its price is insanely high.

Capcom is known to have released a wide variety of collectible editions of its games and some very original, of course with Resident Evil Village it wasn't going to miss the opportunity, but it has already announced that apart from those that he had already revealed, he will put on sale the most complete, since he will allow you to disguise yourself as the former member of the alpha team by STARS

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Chris Redfield's coat will be very expensive

This Collector's Edition is the Resident Evil Village: Collector's Edition Version Z, a variation that will not only be special as it includes all of the physical and digital content of the regular Collector's Edition, but the most striking element of the pack is the replica of Chris Redfield coat, either in medium, large, extra large and original (which is an exact replica of the one used by the character in the game).

It is unusual for a Collector's Edition to include an item of clothing, let alone a coat.However, it is very sure that this will be very striking for any fan of the series, as they would have a collector's item from the new installment.What will discourage many is that, apart from being officially sold only through Capcom's online page in Japan, it will be priced very high, precisely ¥ 192,500 JPY (around $ 1,857 or just under $ 37,000) In addition, the pack comes with awesome miniature figures that resemble the in-game weapon inventory, as well as the Village of Shadows art book.

Posted Date: 2021-01-27

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