Pera Museum: New exhibition “Miniature 2.0: The Miniature in Contemporary Art”.

Pera Museum: New exhibition “Miniature 2.0: The Miniature in Contemporary Art”. post thumbnail image

Pera Museum: New exhibition “Miniature 2.0: The Miniature in Contemporary Art”.

The much-anticipated new exhibition of the Museum of Pera “Miniature 2.0: The Miniature in Contemporary Art” is now open to visitors. Focusing on contemporary approaches to miniature painting and collections of miniature objects, the exhibition brings together the works of 14 artists from different countries, using various forms such as sculpture, video, textiles and installation. Miniature 2.0″, which focuses on issues such as colonialism, orientalism, economic inequality, gender and identity policies, runs until 17 January 2021.

The “Suna Foundation and İnan Kıraç” is offering a new exhibition for art lovers during the pandemic period. Organized by Azra Tüzünoğlu and Gülce Özkara, the exhibition “Miniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art” brings together more than 40 works by 14 artists from different countries such as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.The exhibition presents works by Hamra Abbas, Rashad Alakbarov, Halil Altındere, Dana Awartani, Fereydoun Ave, CANAN, Noor Ali Chagani, Cansu Çakar, Hayv Kahraman, Imran Qureshi, Nilima Sheikh, Shahpour Pouyan, Shahzia Sikander and Saira Wasim.

The miniature in all its forms

Noting that the miniature is still gaining in theoretical potential, Azra Tüzünoğlu and Gülce Özkara summarize the aim of the exhibition by stating that they “do not treat the miniature only as a historical object, but consider it as a unique art form; and emphasize its theoretical potential”.

The curators share the following information about the setting of the exhibition: “In this exhibition, which brings together works of art that take painting in miniature as a starting point, we wanted to show the different approaches and common principles of painting in miniature, and it traces the rules specific to painting in miniature as well as its current conditions.By using various forms such as sculpture, video, photography and installation, the artists bring out the miniatures from books, where they have resided for centuries, give them new dimensions and seek ways to integrate them into the contemporary world… The works in the exhibition advocate action against the nostalgia that freezes the miniatures in time and detaches them from their cultural context.In our time, when the desire to “reinvent” history is rising, it may be necessary to reflect on the past in order to achieve a better future and a better future. Such local discourses acting on a global scale indicate how urgent it is to think in an intercultural and international way. Creative forms of resistance are developing all over the world, and we need to update our way of seeing the world, just as the miniatures have been updated”.

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