PAHLM: Local private collections to extend artist Lena Durr's residency

Léna Durr and Romane Esco have completed the collage of 18 portraits

The Kinder toy wall

More than 200 fire engines to discover

What better conclusion for an artist in residence than a thematic exhibition on the idea of a collection as an extension of his work? This is the project led by the association Pratiques Hors Les Murs (PAHLM), in collaboration with the Ressourcerie Récobrada around the work of Léna Durr.4 different exhibition venues will be activated from February 27 until April 24, On the territory of the Cœur de Garonne Community of Communes, the 18 portraits made by the guest artist in residence, works by guest artists as well as local private collections (lighters, helmets, kinder toys, etc.) will be exhibited.

“A multiple, sprawling, incongruous and iconoclastic exhibition which questions the status of the object when it is collected, when it becomes, through its accumulation, a“ raised ”portrait of the artist and the collector and“ en reliefs ”of our consumerist society.An exhibition that offers a dialogue between the approaches, which sometimes seem similar, of the artist and the collector, both nourished by a sometimes devouring passion.To be a collector and to collect, starts from an intention.It is to reunite, to assemble, to associate the similar to one's own, to create a family of objects, corpus of forms, or variation of the same, catalog desired reasoned, wanted exhaustive, of various things accumulated around the same function, the same use, of the same practice, of the same name, of the same history, synchronic or diachronic ”explains Carl Hurtin.

Meet from Saturday February 27 at the Récobrada resource center in Cazères, the Fousseret media library, the Porter Garage in Palaminy and the Angonia space in Martres Tolosane to discover the works of the artist Lena Durr, guest in residence, but also works by guest artists (Socheata Aing, Clément Richeux, Chloé Piot and Benoit Luisière) as well as local private collections:

Posted Date: 2021-02-27

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