eBay, the favorite marketplace for collectors

The platform is attracting more and more collectors and amateurs of rare objects, convinced in particular by a wide choice from all over the world, and by the auction format.

The collection is a French passion.79% of the inhabitants of France have already made one in their lifetime and 39% currently collect 321 euros, this is the average amount that these object lovers would have spent in 2020 for their purchases on e-commerce platforms - a hobby all the more practiced in this year of repeated confinements and social distancing.14% would have even made more purchases during the pandemic crisis.and according to a recent Ifop survey, eBay is establishing itself as the favorite marketplace for collectors in search of the rare pearl, from the miniature train to the collector's watch, from the untraceable Pokémon card to the military object.

Modern and classic objects

“With its title as the leading European marketplace with an inventory of more than 1.7 billion items and more than 185 million active buyers in more than 190 countries, eBay naturally stands out as a privileged spectator of passions of the French ”, comments Sarah Tayeb, head of the sales department at eBay France.

Under the "Occasions" tabs of the site are hidden treasures that Internet users fond of flea markets and garage sales like to rummage.The classic pieces on one side, such as stamps, old books or military objects, always seduce But more modern finds are also on the rise, such as vinyls (27%), watches (13%), high-tech, game consoles (12%) and sneakers (8%) , with 17 pairs owned on average by collectors.If the activity is a priori lonely, half of bargain hunters want their collection to remain within their family, whether it is the simple pleasure of finding the missing piece or with a taste for challenge, they all have in common a love for objects that convey emotions, carry meaning and have a fascinating story.

Posted Date: 2021-04-30

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