Month: June 2018

Importance and adaptation of insects in nature

Although these are the most common animals, their role is almost dominant. Without them, the life on Earth as we know it now would be impossible. Such importance is conditioned by the number, biomass, adaptability, behavior, small body dimensions, etc. What gives them such a high position? For most insects, these are wings that help them overcome various habitats and manage to escape from predators. A small body allows them more shelter and less food. Anatomy of the body also gives them great advantages (flat feet with water insects for quick swim, body glow, body shape and color similar...

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Bugs that are not dangerous

You might think that all bugs are dangerous. This statement is not true. They might look ugly, but usually, they are not dangerous. For example, a bite or a sting from these bugs won’t cause you any harm. Each animal has the right to defend themselves, so you need to respect that right. Keep in mind that animals and for that matter bugs will never attack human s unless provoked. Now that we know that we are the culprit, we will start telling you about some species of bugs that can bite or sting, but they can’t kill you...

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