Month: May 2018

Dangerous bugs

There is a general rule in nature that animals won’t attack you unless they are hungry and consider you as food. The same thing goes for bugs. Bugs will never attack humans or bite humans. This thing happens only when they are pressed, or you do something that can irritate them. If they feel that they are in danger, they will defend themselves. Humans area is too big for them, and usually, they will be intimidated by us. But, when they have nowhere to go, they will bite or attack. This article will be about bugs which are dangerous...

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Most unusual and beautiful butterflies

When talking about insects, most diverse and beautiful species may be found as butterflies. From smallest to the largest ones, they are so fascinating in wide varieties of patterns and colors. Beside significant visual effect, they are important indicators of a healthy ecosystem. According to all these facts, it is very hard to isolate most beautiful ones, but these will sure leave an impression on anyone. Dead leaf butterfly Amazing not just with its brilliant colors which include beautiful shades of blue, brown, white and orange on upperpart but also famous but an outstanding capability of animal camouflage with...

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National Geographic Bugs


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