Month: February 2018

Amazing Facts About Insects

If you are a fanatic of insects and other bugs that live around us, then you are in for a treat because we have specially designed this article to help you learn more amazing facts about them. Some of these facts might be familiar to you, but we sure hope so that you will find something new and interesting about insects. We have been researching all kinds of bugs for the last decade and during that period of time, we were able to learn a lot of interesting and amazing facts about them that we haven’t had the chance...

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The biggest 5 insects in the world

The world as we know it is pretty strange and its filled with almost magical things and places. With such a vast world we still have many places that have not been fully explored as there are thousands of microorganisms, fish, bugs and many other creatures that live in certain places which we don’t know of. However, from all the bugs we do know of, there are some that are monstrous in size compared to the usual bugs that are just an inch or centimeter big. Because there are so many we will share with you some of the...

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