Month: June 2017

This Is The Real Reason Why Ants Are Amazing!

Ants are amazing and unique insects! There are so many things that separate ants from other insects and make them interesting and unique. If you are eager to find out all the reasons why we believe ants are the most amazing insects, then read on! The article that follows is dedicated to the most hard-working insect in the world – the amazing ant! Naming Ants You may be tempted to name any ant Adam the Ant, but the truth is that their actual name has a lot more etymology to it than you would have expected. The name used...

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Ordinary Insects We Know Nothing About – The Story Of Moths

Did you know that moths existed long before butterflies? Scientists have found fossils as old as 190 million years old! It and much more you can read the following article. So, if you are keen on learning more about insects in general, and moths in particular, read on and discover a whole new world! Moths Are Related To Butterflies The reason why moths resemble butterflies is that they are related to butterflies. In fact, butterflies, as well as moths belong to the same order of insects called Lepidoptera. What you also may not is that the majority of the...

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