Month: March 2017

Five Top Beneficial Insects To Humans

During the last decade, the demand for pesticides has grown so much, that experts expect the grow of this industry by 20% in the following years. Unfortunately, we all consider insects like something invasive and gross, and we fail to recognize the beneficial influence they have on our life and our ecosystem. If you want to learn more about them, check out our list below. Bees We all know how bees are essential for the survival of the plants. They are harmless and if they sting you, then you know they didn’t have other option. Fortunately, their venom isn’t...

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Benefits And Value Of Insects For Your Garden

If you want to find out the benefits of insects, you need to study them carefully. Many people will do anything to destroy the insects, only to learn later that bugs they killed were not only harmless but also excellent for their crops and the garden. If there weren’t insects on our plants, we wouldn’t be able to grow anything because they play a significant role in our ecosystem. Below you can learn more about the benefits of insect before you decide to destroy them. Increased the production By pollinating the fruits, vegetables they can significantly increase the production....

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Good Insects And Their Purpose In Our World

Most people think that majority of bugs are bad, but in fact, they play a significant role in our world and have various uses for us. In this article, we are going to explain how exactly they are good for us and what is their purpose. Insects provide us useful products Honey – the insects which produce honey are honey bees, and they are kept in special conditions by beekeepers. In some countries, beekeepers collect honey from wild bees. Honey and wax are natural ingredients that have a positive effect on our body and our health. Silk – this...

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Be Aware Of Them – The Deadliest Insect On Our Planet

What species scare you the most? Our world is full of dangerous creatures, and we aren’t even aware of them. Most people wild animals are the most dangerous, but you are wrong. Many insects can cause death casualties if the bite isn’t treated properly. Check our list of the deadliest insects in the world and learn how to stay safe. Mosquitos They are the most dangerous insects on Earth. Mosquitos are responsible for 1 million of death every year. They transmit the fatal disease malaria. Mosquitos carry malaria from one place to another, and once they reach the blood...

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