Month: February 2017

The Top 6 Horrifying Insects In The U.S.

During the winter, many insects spend their time secluded, waiting for warmer days. But when the summer comes, they come alive. There are nine bugs on U.S. that can quickly kill you. Mostly, Australia and Africa host the most dangerous insects in the world. For example, Australian funnel spider with its venom can disintegrate the whole-body tissue of the adult mammal, of the infamous Tsetse fly which kills more than 500,000 people per year. In the U.S., many insects are poisonous, and that can cause you serious health issues. Arizona Bark Scorpions As you might have noticed, bark scorpion...

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The Most Unusual Insects You Will Encounter

So far, science has managed to discover more than 900 thousand different kinds of insects. Some scientists indicate that one million is yet to be discovered. Some of them are unique, some strange, some beautiful, but that diversity is what makes the insects so spectacular. In our list below, we are going to present some of the most unusual types of insects. The Brazilian Treehopper When you look at this insect, you will notice how bizarre it is. Its appearance might be unique, but in some way, it can give you creeps, especially ornamentation on its thorax. This insect...

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Four Insects That have Impressive Superpowers

Many people are afraid of insects, some of us consider them creepy and hideous. But, despite their appearance, some of the insects have incredible abilities, which will outshine other animals and even us, humans. Their small size and limited brain functions hide the solution for some of the greatest problems humankind wasn’t able to solve. We are going to show you want’s so special about them and get you familiar with their superpowers. Cockroaches People are often repulsed by these insects, considering them grows and ugly, but on the contrary to popular belief, these insects are one of the...

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